• 12:45 am

    Yoo Jae-seok

  • 02:00 am

    Kim Sungjoo, Kim Donghyun, Kim Byungji

    Seo Hyeseung

  • 03:25 am

    This Korean military survival show brings eight Special Force units together to compete in extreme missions that will test their physical stamina, mental strength and teamwork!

    Kim Sung Joo, Jang Dong Min, Kim Hee Chul, Kim Dong Hyun, Ahn Yu Jin, Choi Young Jae

    Lee Won Ung

  • 05:00 am

    Jung Yunho, Jung Hye-sung, Kwon Hyun-bin, Koo Ja-sung

    Park Jin Kyung, Lee Jae Seok

  • 06:10 am

    Kan Kantathavorn, Buakaw Banchamek, Samart Payakaroo

  • 07:20 am

    Cheon Jeong Myeong, Jo Jae Yoon, Kim Min Jae, Lee Tae Hwan

  • 08:40 am

    Ellen Hollman, Matt Passmore, Geraldine Singer, Gary Kasper

    Stephen Durham

  • 10:10 am

    Kim Sungjoo, Kim Donghyun, Kim Byungji

    Seo Hyeseung

  • 11:25 am

    Li Bing Yuan, David Belle, Li Bing Lei, Huang Yi Xuan, Wang Hong Xiang, Norman Chu

    Li Bing Yuan

  • 12:55 pm

    Yoo Jae-seok

  • 02:10 pm

    A Korean reality show about four men (including Korean stars Choi Si Won and Jin Goo) who take on the challenge of sailing a yacht in waters off South Korea’s west coast.

    Choi Siwon, Jin Goo

  • 03:25 pm

    Simon Yam, Andy On, Yuen Wah

    Huo Sui Qiang

  • 05:20 pm

    A hilarious reality show about four famous guys on an all-expenses-paid fantasy vacation, tailor-made for “bros”!

    Billy Crawford, SonaOne, DJ PK, Bjorn Shen, Philip Ng

    Ruppert Gabriel

  • 06:10 pm

    Jang Hyuk, Jo Jaeyoon, Kim Minjae, Lee Taehwan

  • 07:30 pm

    Chen Zhen fights against the Black Dragon Society, who uses his comrades to test a new drug used to boost the strength of the Japanese troops in war.

    Wang Wen Jie, Zhao Chen Yu, Wu Heng, Li Qian Feng

    Dai Wei

  • 09:00 pm

    Directed by Jang Hun, Rough Cut's So Ji Sub and Kang Ji Hwan sharing the Best New Actor award at the 29th Blue Dragon Awards for their performances.

    So Ji Seob, Kang Ji hwan

    Jang Hun

  • 11:00 pm

    Pakho Chau, Alex Fong, Camille Hua

    Frankie Chung