• 12:05 am

    Two cops investigate the shady dealings of a rich businessman but are set up and assaulted. As they uncover the mastermind behind, the final showdown becomes inevitable.

    Thomas Cheung, Michael Wong, Sharla Cheung

    Yuen Woo Ping

  • 01:45 am

    In this classic martial arts comedy, Sammo Hung stars as Lam Sai Wing, the disciple of Wong Fei Hung, who gets embroiled in a feud with a rival kung fu school.

    Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Kwan Tak Hing, Li Hai Shen, Fung Ke An

    Yuen Woo Ping

  • 03:40 am

    Chen Kuan Tai, Ching Li, Chu Mu

    Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh-li

  • 05:25 am

    After killing her family, Madame Rose kidnaps and raises Phoenix to be an assassin. When Phoenix sets out to kill an Interpol agent, she makes a startling discovery...

    Jennifer Tse, Sammo Hung, Andy On, Philip Ng

    Marco Mak Chi Sin

  • 07:00 am

    When a magic scepter causes their plucky sidekick to switch places with a rebellious samurai, the turtles time-travel to feudal Japan to rescue her.

    Elias Koteas, Paige Turco, Vivian Wu, Sab Shimono, Stuart wilson

    Stuart Gillard

  • 08:45 am

    Set during the Sino-Japanese War, Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is forced to leave home and work to support his family by teaching martial arts skills for self-defense.

    Donnie Yen, Gordon Lam, Lynn Xiong

    Wilson Yip

  • 10:40 am

    David Chiang & Ti Lung star as 2 skilled boxers in this martial arts masterpiece of gambling and revenge from the legendary Chang Cheh.

    David Chiang, Ti Lung, Ching Li, Liu Lan Ying

    Chang Cheh

  • 12:30 pm

    As the Tree Demon seeks revenge on the demon hunter who has destroyed her plot, the fox spirit starts to remember that she was once in love with the young demon hunter.

    Louis Koo, Yu Shao Qun, Crystal Liu, Louis Fan

    Wilson Yip

  • 02:15 pm

    Inspector Ng tracks down the microfilm which contains the evidence that ties a crime boss to a murder case and puts him behind bars.

    Cynthia Rothrock, John Sham, Mang Hoi, Michelle Yeoh

    Yuen Fui

  • 03:55 pm

    The legendary Zhong Kui who is half human and half demon possesses mighty power to subvert the world of demons and eventually becomes the Heavenly Master.

    Benny Chan, Gao Xiao Pan, Wan Mei Xi

    Li Li Ming

  • 05:25 pm

    Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, stars as Brandon Ma - a man seeking revenge on his friend, Michael, who frames him for his own crime and steals the love of his life.

    Brandon Lee, Michael Wong, Regina Kent

    Ronny Yu

  • 07:00 pm

    The reckless detective Ma and an undercover police officer Wilson team up to take on three ruthless Hong Kong gangsters. When Wilson is badly hurt, Ma vows to hunt them down.

    Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Fan Bing Bing

    Wilson Yip

  • 08:35 pm

    When postman Ma and three other mismatched allies deliver a secret cargo to the rebel leader, Ma finds himself on a patriotic quest to save the country and himself.

    Chow Yun Fat, Bryan Leung, Cherie Chung

    Ronny Yu

  • 10:10 pm

    An energy experiment in North America goes wrong and hurricanes are unleashed all across the continent. The disastrous storm forces a science teacher and his family to flee...

    Casper Van Dien, Michael Beach

    Daniel Lusko

  • Must Watch

    The Lost Bladesman

    Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Betty Sun, Alex Fong

    Fist of Legend

    Wang Wen Jie, Zhao Chen Yu, Wu Heng, Li Qian Feng

    Butterfly Lovers

    Charlene Choi, Wu Chun, Hu Ge

    The Moon Warrior

    Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung, Kenny Bee

    11:45 pm

    Fok Kit must win a fight to get his boxing studio back but is defeated and badly hurt instead. Will he win again after witnessing the boxer's spirit in his master?

    Sam Lee, Ken Lo, Venus Wong, Chui Tien You

    Ambrose Kwok, Kwok Ka Hei