Schedule Week


10 Fight 10 Season 3

Kan Kantathavorn, Buakaw Banchamek, Samart Payakaroo


Urban Cops Season 1

Jang Hyuk, Jo Jaeyoon, Kim Minjae, Lee Taehwan


Legendary Amazons

Richie Jen, Cecilia Cheung, Cheng Pei Pei

Frankie Chan

When the Song Dynasty is in crisis, Yang Zong Bao’s wife Mu Gui Ying steps up to lead other widows of the Yang family into battle and continue their husbands’ legacy.

The Fishermen and the Sea S3

Lee Deokhwa, Lee Gyeonggyu, Lee Sugeun, Lee Taegon, Kim Junhyeon

Jang Siwon


Hangout with Yoo

Yoo Jae-seok


The Ultimate BROcation

Billy Crawford, SonaOne, DJ PK, Bjorn Shen, Philip Ng

Ruppert Gabriel

A hilarious reality show about four famous guys on an all-expenses-paid fantasy vacation, tailor-made for “bros”!

Eternal Wave

Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying, Zhang Han, Zhang Lan Xin

Billy Chung

Lin Xiang is a spy trying to rebuild a radio network in Shanghai after the Japanese occupation. Unfortunately, he is captured after his identity has been revealed…

The Barber of Seville - Episode 1

Eric, Andy, Kin Kwang Kyu, Lee Min Jeong


Totally Outnumbered

Kenji Yamauchi, Ryuichi Hamaya, Yuki Iwai, Yu Sawabe

"Totally Outnumbered" is a unique Japanese variety game show where one supreme professional from a specific area of expertise faces off with a large group of amateurs.

Dragon Hero

Shi Xiao Long, Chin Ka Lor, Ken Wong, Max Zhang, Lee San San

Douglas Kung Cheung Tak

Four young fighters join forces to fight against Japanese aggression. Known as the Four Little Fortunes, they use martial arts to foil the Japanese plan of a major military invasio

Urban Cops Season 1

Jang Hyuk, Jo Jaeyoon, Kim Minjae, Lee Taehwan


Pursuit of a Killer

Chin Siu Ho, Lily Chung, Ben Ng

Jimmy Ko

Fei hates his father and to inherit his fortune, hires a killer to kill him. When he finds out his sister is the heiress to the fortune, Fei wants to kill her too...

Extreme Ends

Enchong Dee, Siti Saleha, Patricia Gouw, Gun Ratchanon

Tim Wong

Extreme Ends is an action-adventure reality show featuring four celebrities and their special guests experiencing the many diverse sides of Hong Kong!

Yacht Expedition: The Beginning

Jang Hyuk, Kim Seung Jin, Soyou, Choi Yeo Jin, Heo Kyung Hwan


Celebrity BROmance

V, Kim Min-Jae and more


Army of One

Ellen Hollman, Matt Passmore, Geraldine Singer, Gary Kasper

Stephen Durham


Operation Bangkok

Ray Lui, Yuan Biao, Raquel Xu, Kathy Chow

Xiubin Du

A military veteran and an undercover cop lead a team to rescue the hostages captured by a band of thugs in an island outside of Bangkok.