• 12:55 am

    Heroes & Superstars is a new challenging reality competition show where nine gaming superstars and three extreme sports stars will battle out in a number of physical challenges and in a brand new mobile game, Heroes of Warland, against each other.

    Choi ”Locodoco” Yoon, Ryan Doyle, Chris ”Douggs” McDougall, Megan Anderson

  • 01:50 am

    Extreme Ends is an action-adventure reality show featuring four celebrities and their special guests experiencing the many diverse sides of Hong Kong!

    Enchong Dee, Siti Saleha, Patricia Gouw, Gun Ratchanon

    Tim Wong

  • 02:20 am

    Jo Jung-suk, Lee Hye-ri, Kim Seon-ho

    Oh Hyun-jong

  • 03:30 am

    Jo Jung-suk, Lee Hye-ri, Kim Seon-ho

    Oh Hyun-jong

  • 04:40 am

    Jang Hyuk, Jo Jaeyoon, Kim Minjae, Lee Taehwan

  • 06:05 am

    Jang Hyuk, Kim Seung Jin, Soyou, Choi Yeo Jin, Heo Kyung Hwan

  • 07:30 am

    Jung Yunho, Jung Hye-sung, Kwon Hyun-bin, Koo Ja-sung

    Park Jin Kyung, Lee Jae Seok

  • 08:40 am

    Choi Siwon, Jin Goo

  • 10:00 am

    Kung fu comedy meets action as the Shaolin monks, Brother White and Brother Black, take on the evil King of the Vampires and his unstoppable army of Darkness.

    Gordon Liu, Louis Fan, Shi Xiao Hu, Bai Long

    Douglas Kung

  • 11:45 am

    These championships are filled with famous Korean idol groups showcasing their sportsmanship. 44 teams including SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, MOMOLAND and SF9 compete in the sports!


  • 12:50 pm

    Set on the mythical “Ninja Island”, Australian Ninja Warrior is the ultimate test of strength, stamina and mental toughness.

  • 02:20 pm

    Choi Siwon, Jin Goo

  • 03:30 pm

    On the night before a martial arts combat, two famous swordsmen are framed for murder and flee to find the real killer.

    Andy Lau, Brigitte Lin, Elvis Tsui

    Taylor Wong

  • 05:05 pm

    A hilarious reality show about four famous guys on an all-expenses-paid fantasy vacation, tailor-made for “bros”!

    Billy Crawford, SonaOne, DJ PK, Bjorn Shen, Philip Ng

    Ruppert Gabriel

  • 06:00 pm

    Jang Hyuk, Kim Seung Jin, Soyou, Choi Yeo Jin, Heo Kyung Hwan

  • 07:25 pm

    V, Kim Min-Jae and more

  • 08:30 pm

    Catch Infinite Challenge, one of the greatest challenge-based reality shows from Korea! Top Korean comedians face unimaginable mental and mostly physical challenges that ordinary people would not attempt.

    Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myeong-su, Jeong Jun-ha, Haha, Jo Se-ho, Yang Se-hyung

    KIM Tae-ho

  • 10:00 pm

    The sport of MMA is booming in South Korea, and behind the incredible growth is ROAD FC, one of Asia’s top MMA promotions.