• 12:15 am

    Through cameras mounted on dashboards, we follow the shocking, bizarre and sometimes entertaining footage recorded on the toughest highways and byways of the world.

    Chris Barrie

  • 12:45 am

    When Nezha slays a dragon to rescue a young woman Lingzhu, it incurs the wrath of the snake spirit. Nezha offers his own life to save his father, but Lingzhu decides to rescue him.

    Chin Siu Ho, Tse Miu

    Le Luo

  • 02:30 am

    In Road FC 046, Openweight Champion Mighty Mo will defend his belt against former tournament adversary Myung Hyun-Man.

  • 05:30 am

    Since its debut in Jan, 2014, Kunlun Fight has rapidly become a global phenomenon, and has incorporated fierce international kickboxing and MMA superstars to its roster!

  • 06:55 am

    When young Wong Fei Hung gets framed for a crime he did not commit and is expelled by his teacher, he sets out on a journey of self-discovery.

    Wu Yi Jia, Yang Xiao Mi, Cheng Zhuo

    Zhang Zhe

  • 08:40 am

    10 Fight 10 brings twenty male Thai superstars into a merciless boxing competition that offers all-round entertainment, with Live performance, lavish costumes and real fights!

  • 09:55 am

    These championships are filled with famous Korean idol groups showcasing their sportsmanship. 44 teams including SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, MOMOLAND and SF9 compete in the sports!


  • 11:00 am

    G Wars is a Japanese game show that pits two teams of five contestants against each other in a series of ridiculous and extreme challenges such as “mid-air giant rubber band wrestl

  • 12:00 pm

    Four young fighters join forces to fight against the Japanese aggression. Known as 4 Little Fortunes, they use martial arts to foil the Japanese plan of a major military invasion.

    Shi Xiao Long, Chin Ka Lor, Ken Wong, Max Zhang, Lee San San

    Douglas Kung Cheung Tak

  • 01:40 pm

    Australian Ninja Warrior, the programmes that celebrates ordinary Australians with extraordinary ability, has arrived to KIX! Set on the mythical “Ninja Island”, Australian Ninja Warrior is the ultimate test of strength, stamina and mental toughness.

  • 03:05 pm

    Showcasing hundreds of funny clips of people acting like idiots, including wacky workers, crazy daredevils and hilarious jokers.

  • 03:35 pm

    The story is about a man called Jang Tae San, who is falsely accused of murder. The drama spans exactly two weeks, and tells Jang’s desperate struggle to save his daughter.

    Lee Joon Gi, Kim So Yeon, Ryu Soo Young, Park Ha Sun

    Son Hyung-seok, Choi Jung-kyu

  • 04:50 pm

    A young man seeks out the Wolf (Donnie Yen), a legendary undefeated warrior. When he sees that the Wolf is now an old man, he prompts him to retell his past glories.

    Donnie Yen, Dayo Wong, Carman Lee

    Donnie Yen

  • 06:35 pm

    Heroes & Superstars is a new challenging reality competition show where nine gaming superstars and three extreme sports stars will battle out in a number of physical challenges and in a brand new mobile game, Heroes of Warland, against each other.

    Choi ”Locodoco” Yoon, Ryan Doyle, Chris ”Douggs” McDougall, Megan Anderson

  • 07:30 pm

    The Duke Chen Sheng Wu and the Emperor Shunzhi fall into the trap, and are forced to leave the palace. When they meet Yeying, they decide to save her from her evil fiancée.

    Wang Ning, Deric Wan, Law Kar Ying, Ng Man Tat

    Miao Dawei

  • 09:00 pm

    Lucha Underground introduces audiences to the high-flying aerial maneuvers, dramatic masks and distinctive wrestling techniques of lucha libre, one of Mexico’s most popular sports.

    Matthew Kaye, Melissa Santos, Vampiro

    Quinn Saunders

  • 10:00 pm

    Since its debut in Jan, 2014, Kunlun Fight has rapidly become a global phenomenon, and has incorporated fierce international kickboxing and MMA superstars to its roster!

  • 11:35 pm

    Inspired by a true story, Sindiket follows a Malaysian detective investigating a human trafficking case when a local woman is tricked by her boyfriend and sold to a brothel.

    Danny Prima Agung, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Sharifah Amani

    Bade Hj. Azmi