New Episodes


10 PM (HK/SIN) | 9 PM (JKT/BKK)

Australian Ninja Warrior, the programmes that celebrates ordinary Australians with extraordinary ability, has arrived to KIX! Set on the mythical “Ninja Island”, Australian Ninja Warrior is the ultimate test of strength, stamina and mental toughness.

Potential contestants go through a rigorous series of obstacles before the possibility of becoming the next Australian Ninja Warrior and win a cash prize, starting at $100,000!

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Celebrate Hari Raya on KIX this August with a slew of fantasy action movies!

PFL 2019

Premieres: Mondays, 12 & 26 August
11:45PM (HK/SIN) | 10:45 PM (JKT/BKK)

The Professional Fighters League produces mixed martial arts events around the country. Tune in to watch fighters compete for their shot at $1 MILLION.


See it. Film it. Share it. GET INTO ACTION!

Film the most outrageous things you’ve ever seen or done! Join KIX on our search to finding everyday people across Asia with exceptional talents, humour and creativity!

Send us a video of a Kick Azz moment you’ve seen at for a chance to be featured on KIX across Asia on TV and online worldwide!

Exorcist Judge Bao

Premieres: Saturday, 27 July
9 PM (HK/SIN) | 8 PM (JKT/BKK)

Cast: Benny Chan

The legendary Chinese Judge Bao is presented with an extraordinary case - The murder of a prince! Judge Bao must team up with Monster Hunter Kui Fujun and the Imperial Guard Qiao Ji to determine if the murder was of supernatural nature or not.

Kunlun Fight 2019 Ep 1 &2

Premieres: Mondays, 1 & 8 July
10 PM (HK/SIN) | 9 PM (JKT/BKK)

Catch the rising Chinese kickboxing & MMA promotion making waves overseas!  Since its debut in Jan, 2014, Kunlun Fight has rapidly become a global phenomenon, and has incorporated fierce international kickboxing and MMA superstars to its roster!

Kung Fu League

Airs: Saturday, 20 July
9 PM (HK/SIN) | 8 PM (JKT/BKK)

Cast: Vincent Zhao, Andy On, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Dennis To

Martial arts comedy following a group of kung fu legends banding together to take on the bad guys. 


Airs: Sat, 16 Mar

Cast: Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan

After ambushing and killing his rival, but in turn betrayed by those he trusted and losing everything, dispirited warlord Hou Jie turns to a Shaolin monastery seeking salvation.

Channel Premiere

Bulletproof Monk

Premieres: Sat, 27 Apr

Cast: Chow Yun Fat, Seann William Scott

Based on the very underground comic book, a Tibetan monk becomes a mentor to a young street kid whom he can teach to protect a scroll.

The King’s Salvation

Premieres: Sat, 13 Apr

Cast: Collin Chou, Creese Lai

The fabled Monkey King uncovers a sinister plot set up by the golden-haired demon rat. But when the Monkey King attempts to expose the demon, he ends up getting deceived and is exiled to the human world. Now transformed as a human with all his powers gone, he must find a way back to heaven, regain his powers and foil the demon rat’s evil plans.

New Season

Fifth Gear S27

Premieres: Tue, 23 April
Every Tue @ 9PM (HK/SG/PHIL) | 8PM (JKT/BKK/VIET)

Get up to speed on all the latest automotive info, including car reviews, secondhand bargains and industry tidbits.

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Easter Weekend Movie Marathon: Bourne’s Trilogy

Sat, 20 Apr

Catch the awesome Bourne trilogy, starring Matt Damon and Avenger Jeremy Renner, only on KIX this Easter weekend!

Road FC 053

Premieres: Monday, 20 May
10 PM (HK/SIN) | 9 PM (JKT/BKK)

Road FC 053 is headlined by a lightweight showdown between A Sol Kwon and Mansour Barnaoui in an exciting matchup!

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Hallyu Stars

9 PM (HK/SIN) | 8 PM (JKT/BKK)

Catch some of the biggest stars from Korea in four action-thrillers this month! Don’t miss the heat wave as it hits KIX & KIX HD!

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Labour Day Special: The Fast & Furious Gang

Wednesday, 1 May
Starting @ 1 PM (HK/SIN) | 12 PM (JKT/BKK)

Catch the fast and furious gang as they work for YOU and entertain you all day during Labour Day as you kick back, relax and chill out!

Red Billabong

Airs: Saturday, 1 June
9 PM (HK/SIN) | 8 PM (JKT/BKK)

Cast: Dan Ewing, Tim Pocock, Jessica Green

Two brothers in the Australian Outback fear they are being stalked by something from their worst nightmares as their friends go missing one by one.

Warriors of the Nation

Premieres: Saturday, 29 June
9 PM (HK/SIN) | 8 PM (JKT/BKK)

Cast: Vincent Zhao, Wini, Lubing Li

Vincent Zhao reprises his role as Wong Fei Hung in this action-packed movie set in turbulent China. As his gang encounters a cult set on killing their local governor, Wong Fei Hung must step in to prevent the situation from getting out of hand!

***Channel Premiere in HK, Cambodia and Laos***

New Episodes

Lucha Underground S4

9 PM (HK/SIN) | 8 PM (JKT/BKK)

Now that Dario Cueto has been released from prison, the Temple is back in business. Dario is more confident than ever in his brother, the undefeated LU Champion, his quest for violent domination and the destruction of the seven ancient Aztec tribes. While one hero must take a dark path, others will have to make even greater sacrifices if they hope to save themselves and the world.

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Hari-Raya Binge-Watch Selection: Fifth Gear S27

Airs: Wednesday, 5 June
Starting @ 4 PM (HK/SIN) | 3 PM (JKT/BKK)

Get up to speed on all the latest automotive info., including car reviews, secondhand bargains and industry tidbits.

The Covenant with Dragons

Premieres: Sat, 3 Nov

Cast: Danson Tang, Calvin Chen

A young man called Yuzhe goes to a small fishing village to look for his long-lost father. But when him and his friend encounter a dark ritual that is trying to release the seal of a 4,000 year old evil, they must embark on a thrilling adventure to save the day.

Wong Fei Hung: Return of the King

Airs: Sat, 9 Mar

Cast: Xu Jing-Chuan, Lynne Lim

In 1882, the Chamber of Commerce establishes a martial arts contest at Guangzhou. When Liang Kuan steps up to fight, he is soon savagely beaten by a contender named Gui Jiaoqi, but Wong Fei-Hung emerges just in time to save Liang Kuan. As the truth starts to emerge, hidden shadows working behind the scene begin to come to light...


Premieres: Sat, 26 Jan

Cast: Danny Prima Agung, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Sharifah Amani

Inspired by a true story, Sindiket follows a Malaysian detective investigating a human trafficking case when a local woman is tricked by her boyfriend and sold to a brothel.

Road FC 052

Premieres: Mon, 28 Jan

Express from Korea

The sport of MMA is booming in South Korea, and behind the incredible growth is ROAD FC, one of Asia’s top MMA promotions.

Trigger Happy

Premieres: Thu, 24 Jan
New Episodes: Thursdays @ 9:30PM (HK/SG/PHIL) | 8PM (JKT/BKK/VIET)

Catch comedian Dom Joly as he fools the public in his latest hidden camera/sketch show!

Trigger Happy is a hidden camera/sketch show starring comedian Dom Joly. Get ready to laugh out loud as the socially unacceptable Dom Joly unleashes his twisted humour on the unsuspecting public. Don’t trust this man, and beware of the giant smartphone!

Idiot TV

Premieres: Thu, 6 Sep

Showcasing hundreds of funny clips of people acting like idiots, including wacky workers, crazy daredevils and hilarious jokers.

If Car Crash TV teaches you how not to drive, Idiot TV will show you how not to live. Thanks to the proliferation of smart phones, dash cameras, CCTV and GoPros, there is just no way of hiding the outrageous and hilarious behaviours of normal day-to-day people caught in awkward situations.

Car Crash TV

Every Tuesday Night

Through cameras mounted on dashboards, we follow the shocking, bizarre and sometimes entertaining footage recorded on the toughest highways and byways of the world. All crashes are non-fatal and serve as a cautionary tale to be careful on the road!

Channel Premiere

Fast Five

Premieres: Sat, 7 Jul

Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson

In Rio de Janeiro, ex-cop Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) and Dom (Vin Diesel) must assemble an elite team of car racers, and confront a corrupt businessman who wants them dead, while at the same time evade a federal agent (Dwayne Johnson) hot on their trails.

Channel Premiere

Fast & Furious 6

Premieres: Sat, 14 Jul

Director: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson

Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian's (Paul Walker) heist in Rio left their crew very rich but as fugitives unable to go home. Meanwhile, Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) has been tracking a gang of lethally skilled mercenary drivers whose second-in-command is someone Dom knows. Unable to take them down himself, Hobbs asks Dom and his crew for help in exchange for full pardons for everyone.

Channel Premiere

Furious 7

Premieres: Sat, 21 Jul

Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson

After defeating international terrorist Owen Shaw, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) and the rest of the crew have separated to return to more normal lives. However, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), Owen's older brother, is thirsty for revenge. A slick government agent offers to help Dom and company take care of Shaw in exchange for their help in rescuing a kidnapped computer hacker who has developed a powerful surveillance program.

Channel Premiere

Divergent: Allegiant

Premieres: Sat, 28 Jul

Cast: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jeff Daniels

After the earth-shattering revelations of Insurgent, Tris must escape with Four beyond the wall that encircles Chicago, to finally discover the shocking truth of the world around them.

Top Gear America

Every Tuesday Night

Top Gear America looks set to be yet another amazing ride on KIX with the three charismatic hosts on board, including Hollywood actor, William Fichtner!

Channel Premiere

The Bourne Ultimatum

Premieres: Sat, 19 May

Cast: Matt Damon, Edgar Ramírez, Joan Allen

Jason Bourne dodges a ruthless CIA official and his agents from a new assassination program while searching for the origins of his life as a trained killer.

New Episodes

Crazy Wheels


a full-throttle, user generated clip series that showcases the funniest, wildest and most unbelievable things that can happen on four wheels

From cars and motorcycles to bicycles and scooters, watch, gasp and generally be astounded as we witness incredible stunts, ridiculous fender-benders, harmless accidents and some seriously impressive professional driving.

Travel Man: 48 Hours in…

Premieres: Wed, 13 Feb @ 9PM (HK/SG/PHIL) | 8PM (JKT/BKK/VIET)
New Episodes: Every Wed @ 9PM (HK/SG/PHIL) | 8PM (JKT/BKK/VIET)

Host: Richard Ayoade

Join Richard Ayoade and his celebrity guest as they spend 48 hours in a popular city to discover all the must-see tourist attractions! Travel Man has been twice nominated in the best Features category at the BAFTAs and won Best Factual Programme three years running at the RTS Midlands awards.

Lucha Underground S3

9 PM (HK/SIN) | 8 PM (JKT/BKK)

Lucha Underground introduces audiences to the high-flying aerial maneuvers, dramatic masks and distinctive wrestling techniques of lucha libre, one of Mexico’s most popular sports.

Now that Dario Cueto has been released from prison, the Temple is back in business. Dario is more confident than ever in his brother, the undefeated LU Champion, and his quest for violent domination and the destruction of the seven ancient Aztec tribes. Now while one hero must take a dark path, others will have to make even greater sacrifices if they hope to save themselves and the world.